A thermo-shrinkable label of combopack type which is a special type of sleeve label that has found a wide range of applications in promotion campaigns whenever there is need to combine products of different type. Diversified features of thermo-shrinkable film allow for: creating sets of products of either the same or a different shape and size or adding free of charge samples. Combopack label is becoming more and more popular in promotion campaigns during which to a free of charge sample a standard product is added.

This marketing exercise results in both increase in sales of the main product and getting customers accustomed to the new product that is about to be introduced into the market. Combopack label is made of highly transparent film. Similarly as in the case of labels made of thermo-shrinkable film, it is possible to print the whole area of a combo label. On plain labels however, there is room for a sticker with promotion details.

Duopacki termokurczliwe , combopacki , Etykiety termokurczliwe shrink sleeve | rękawy i folie termokurczliwe

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