Printing house in Poznań

We have a modern machine park with unique technologies, which distinguishes us from other printing houses. We can print with UV inks and water-based inks.

We print flexo labels in HD technology and specialize in printing
adhesive labels and shrink-sleeve labels but printing can be done on almost any substrate from 12 to 450 microns thick.

DRUK FLEKSOGRAFICZNY (UV) , drukarnia etykiet , etykiety samoprzylepne , etykiety termokurczliwe , Druk UV , drukarnia fleksograficzna
DRUK FLEKSOGRAFICZNY (UV) , drukarnia etykiet , etykiety samoprzylepne , etykiety termokurczliwe , Druk UV , drukarnia fleksograficzna

What is flexographic printing?

The word "flexo" literally translated from Greek means flexible. This technology uses flexible printing forms (polymers), which allow for a raised print. Quick-drying paints are applied to the raw material using special printing rollers, and then they are irradiated with UV radiation, which harden the print and protect it against damage such as abrasions and scratches.

Flexographic printing is ideal for the production of packaging, e.g. self-adhesive labels or sleeve labels - thanks to our modern machines it is possible to obtain high print resolution for large volumes. This form of printing is definitely worth choosing in the case of high-volume production, because it allows for high cost optimization.

Additional printing options:

  • gilding

  • hologram printing

  • lamination

  • embossing)

  • cutting out

  • two-sided printing

  • printing on glue

  • printing on sensitive materials with the use of cooled printing rollers

  • applying glue to the material by hot air or UV method

  • stretching and shortening the print without changing polymers to 3 millimeters (very useful when printing sleeve labels)

  • coronation of the material (for foil printing)

  • printing on laminate

Why B-G?

  • the ability to quickly print large volumes

  • printing on a roll wound on a core of any size

  • curing the inks with UV radiation, thanks to which the print is more durable

  • printing available on many materials

  • we provide support in choosing the material and preparing the printing project

  • possibility of printing up to 8 or up to 16 colors

Preparation and printing in stages:

Preparation of the project and material

We help in processing graphic files and preparing them for printing. We provide support in choosing the best raw material.


Production of polymers for printing and other printing forms, e.g. dies.

Printing + UV curing

When everything is ready, we can start what is most important. During printing, we harden the inks with UV radiation to make them more resistant to damage.

Qality control

Using specialized AVT cameras, we check the compliance of the print with the design, the durability of the paints and the overall quality of the products.

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